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How To Make Korean Spicy Cabbage (Kimchi) at Home?

Korean Spicy Cabbage (Kimchi) Recipe

Spicy cabbage (kimchi) is a custom-fermented delicacy of the Korean Peninsula. It is characterized by spicy, crisp, sour, sweet, white, and red in color, suitable for all seasons. Usually eaten with rice.

Cabbage is rich in crude fiber, which can not only moisturize the intestines, promote detoxification, but also stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote stool excretion, and help digestion. The prevention of colorectal cancer has a good effect.

Spicy cabbage first appeared in “Guhe Congshu” and “Shiyi Quanshu”. The quality of cabbage was not good at that time. After repeated improvements, it was not until the end of the Joseon Dynasty that the current cabbage was produced.

Spicy cabbage has the unique taste of Korean spicy sauce and the crispness of cabbage itself, which is very refreshing to eat.

Spicy cabbage is a fermented food. Spicy cabbage is prepared with fish sauce, chili, garlic, and other condiments. It is not only, is, spicy, crisp, sour, sweet, delicious, and refreshing, but also has rich nutrition. It is an indispensable main appetizer on the Korean table.

I like to eat spicy cabbage very much, and I will make some myself at this time of the year. Usually, eat hot and sour and refreshing with rice, but also can be eaten with stir-fry and stew. So, I am going to share the homemade spicy cabbage recipe below.


  • Chinese cabbage 
  • One apple
  • Salt
  • Pear (1 piece)
  • Shrimp paste (2 spoons)
  • Garlic (the right amount)
  • Fish (50ml)
  • Cut shallots into sections (the right amount)
  • Sugar (1 tablespoon)
  • Onion (1 piece)
  • Ginger (the right amount)
  • Chili noodles (the right amount)
  • Shredded white radish
  • Glutinous rice flour + water (50g + 200g)
  • Korean hot sauce (2 tablespoons)


1. Cut the Chinese cabbage with a cross knife in the middle, sprinkle each layer with salt, and marinate for 6-8 hours or one night.

How to make homemade spicy cabbage (Kimchi) 1

2. Prepare the marinade during the cabbage marinating process.

How to make homemade spicy cabbage (Kimchi) 2

3. Shred the white radish and cut the shallots into sections. Apples, pears, onions, ginger, and garlic can all be pureed with a blender or wall breaker.

Illustration of Homemade Spicy Cabbage (Kimchi) 3

4. The ingredients here are all shredded and mashed garlic.

Illustration of Homemade Spicy Cabbage (Kimchi) 4

5. Put the shallots or leeks, and mix all the ingredients.

Illustration of Homemade Spicy Cabbage (Kimchi) 5

6. Mix half a bowl of glutinous rice flour with two bowls of water first, then cook until very viscous.

Illustration 6 of Homemade Spicy Cabbage (Kimchi)

7. Turn off the heat, add the spicy sauce noodles and chili powder. Adjust according to personal taste.

Illustration of Homemade Spicy Cabbage (Kimchi) 7

8. Let the glutinous rice paste cool and pour it into the just mixed ingredients and stir well.

Illustrated how to make homemade spicy cabbage (Kimchi) 8

9. Then add two spoons of hot sauce (don’t put it if you don’t have one) and one spoon of sugar.

Illustration of Homemade Spicy Cabbage (Kimchi) 9

10. I put the fish sauce without shrimp paste. Choose one, but indispensable.

Illustration of Homemade Spicy Cabbage (Kimchi) 10

11. Stir everything well.

Illustration of Homemade Spicy Cabbage (Kimchi) 11

12. Rinse the marinated cabbage with water to remove excess salt and dry the water. This step is very important.

Illustration of Homemade Spicy Cabbage (Kimchi) 12

13. Then put the Chinese cabbage in the marinade, making sure that each layer is covered with the marinade.

Illustration 13 of Homemade Spicy Cabbage (Kimchi)

14. Let stand for a few minutes.

Illustration 14 of Homemade Spicy Cabbage (Kimchi)

15. The spicy cabbage is ready to eat.

Illustration of Homemade Spicy Cabbage (Kimchi) 15

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Important Tips:

  • Spicy cabbage is a popular food, and people can taste its refreshing taste almost anytime and anywhere, but spicy cabbage is a bit particular about it, and many people don’t know it. Eating spicy cabbage needs to chew slowly. This is not only good for digestion but more importantly, spicy cabbage contains a variety of vitamins and acidic substances. Only by chewing slowly can these substances be fully absorbed and utilized.


  • Spicy cabbage is sweet and sour, fresh and refreshing. It can be eaten raw or cooked. Spicy cabbage can be made into spicy cabbage fried pork belly, spicy cabbage soup, spicy cabbage instant noodles, spicy cabbage stewed tofu, spicy cabbage bibimbap, etc

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  • Spicy cabbage contains rich inorganic substances such as calcium, copper, phosphorus, and iron, which can promote the absorption of vitamin C and vitamin B.
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