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Low Fat Salad Recipe

    These days everyone is concerned with their health & fitness and everyone want to go far healthy food. Salads are one of the best healthy food to control health & fitness issues. Today, I would like to share a low-fat salad recipe.

    low fat salad recipe

    This low-fat salad recipe is best for all ages and does not take much time to prepare. Salads are best to be consumed in summer mostly. This potatoes salad recipe also helps in losing weight.

    When the summer is getting hotter and you don’t know what to eat, you can make these various salads. They are low-fat and weight-loss, simple, quick, and easy to make.

    Low Fat Salad Recipe


    • 2 potatoes
    • Half carrot
    • Half cucumber
    • Black pepper (a little)
    • Ham (the right amount)
    • 2 eggs
    • Salad dressing (the right amount)



    1.  Choose two ordinary potatoes, wash and peel them. Cut into small pieces.

    2. Steam the potatoes, cut them into small pieces in a pot, boil water on high heat, and steam for about 15 minutes when the water is boiled. After steaming, take it out and let it cool for later use.

    3. When steaming potatoes, you can put the eggs aside and steam them together. (The eggs are taken out immediately and placed in cold water so that they will peel off).

    4. Stir the packed potatoes appropriately but don’t mash them.

    If you like to eat mashed potatoes, you can also mash them into mashed potatoes. Chop cucumber, mince eggs, minced carrots, and chop sausages.

    5. Mix all the ingredients together.

    6. Add mayonnaise. (Mayonnaise and sweet salad dressing are 1:1, or you can add mayonnaise alone, according to your own taste. Sweet salad dressing is sweeter, mayonnaise is a little salty, you have to distinguish your favorite taste)

    Add a little black pepper, stir evenly. (You can choose not to add pepper if you don’t like it. I prefer the taste of pepper, so I just add a bit of it).

    7. The low-fat salad is ready to serve.


    After stirring, you can serve it on the plate. For breakfast or make more of a lunch box with chicken breast patties, a low-value lunch is a very suitable choice. If you like to eat vegetables, you can add a portion of lettuce. Low-fat, low-carbon water, and nutritious.

    If you also like potato salad, remember to come back and share pictures after you finish making it. We will grow up together on the road to find delicious food.

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    What should you put in a potato salad?

    Some people add chilly flakes, some paprika, some neither of these (I stick to usual salt and pepper, but not other spices). Others use capers, while some add olives or pickles to it.

    Boiled eggs are also optional, decide if you want them there or not. Apple cider vinegar instead of the usual vinegar or some balsamic one could make all the difference.

    The type of oil you use is also important (it tastes different from vegetable oil, olive oil, corn oil, or whatever else you would like to use).

    Some people add some toasted and crushed sesame seeds and/or a spoon of sesame oil right at the end of the preparations.