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How to Make Nut Milk at Home?

In recent times, home-made recipes have become more popular than ever. Today, I am going to share the “how to make nut milk at home” recipe &  steps by step process.

From homemade milk tea, homemade flan cakes, and home-made nut milk. Part of that is a trend that attracts young people today, partly because the food sold outside is not guaranteed to make customers feel secure about quality.

In particular, a portion of nutritious food with a very simple recipe. That is how to make nutritious nut milk, an extremely wonderful gift for health, helps stabilize blood sugar, is good for the cardiovascular system, and prevents aging.

What is nut milk? Benefits of seed milk

According to experts, nut milk is a rich source of nutrients because they contain powerful antioxidants, heart-healthy unsaturated fats, vitamins, and minerals as well as high fiber content.

With this milk, you can use it for vegetarians or people looking to lose weight because milk has a high nutrient content but no cholesterol, lactose, and casein.

Nuts can make milk-like drinks. Isn’t it amazing, such as almond milk, homemade nut milk drinks, healthy and delicious?

Nut milk is divided into two different groups based on nutritional composition:

High-protein, fat seed milk: Milk made from nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, soybeans, other beans.

Cereal Milk: Milk made from grains such as oats, brown rice, corn, sweet potatoes.

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How to Make Nut Milk at Home?


  • 1 cup fresh cashews
  • Water
  • Sweeteners, such as honey, sugar, maple syrup, etc. (optional)


  • Bowl
  • Strainer
  • Measuring cup
  • Blender or food processor
  • Fine-meshed nut bags or cotton cloth


Step 1: Put the nuts in a bowl, add water, cover the bowl with a cloth, and let it stay at room temperature overnight or in the refrigerator for 2 days.

how to make nut milk at home

After the cashews absorb moisture, they will be a little sticky if you pinch them with your hands, and the soaked nuts will become creamy.

Step 2: Strain the nuts through a fine strainer or a colander, and then rinse thoroughly in cold tap water.

how to make nut milk at home

Step 3: Put the nuts in a blender (or food processor) and add 2 cups of water.

make nut milk at home

Step 4: Stir at high speed, pulverize the mixer several times, and then continuously stir at high speed for 3 minutes. The nuts should be broken down into a very fine state, and the water should be white and opaque.

how to make nut milk at home

Step 5: Put the fine strainer on the measuring cup, put the gauze on the fine strainer, and pour the nut mixture into the strainer.

how to make nut milk at home

Collect the nut powder of the gauze, and squeeze out more nut milk with a quick hand.

Step 6: For sweet nut milk, you need to add sweetener, you can also drink the original nut milk without sweetener.

how to make nut milk at home

To store, the nut milk can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. You can add them to breakfast oatmeal, or other foods.

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How to make NUT milk with a blender?

Step 1: The first step in making this nut milk is to find & through away the bad seeds out of the milk-prepared seeds.

Step 2: Soak them for a suitable time.

Step 3: Put the seeds and a little water in a blender or you can combine the seeds and fresh milk, grind until the seeds are pure.

(For the blender, it is recommended to split into several grinding times with just the right amount of seeds, avoid too much that can make the machine not grind, easily damaged.

In addition, you can also cook the nuts softly before putting them in the blender for easier handling.)

Step 4: Use a clean cloth or filter bag to filter the bean residue, you need to filter it a second time if you want the drink to be clear of the bean pulp.

Step 5: The milk after filtering the pulp can be used immediately or you can boil it lightly and then put it in the freezer to store if it is not used up.

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How to make seed milk with a milk maker?

Step 1: The first step in making this nut milk is to find & through away the bad seeds out of the milk-prepared seeds.

Step 2: Soak them for a suitable time.

Step 3: After soaking, pour the seeds and warm water, now press slowly, or if you want your milk to add sweet fat, you can add the seeds to the fresh milk and still press like normal fruit.

Step 4: After pressing the first time, you can put the residue into pressure 2 times so that the seeds can be dried with water as well as ensure the seeds are finely ground, with no particles left.

Step 5: Use a filter bag, a clean cloth, or a small hole sieve to filter the residue once more to enjoy a nutritious glass of milk.

In addition, if you want to drink hot or to sterilize milk, you can boil it over low heat, let the milk simmer for 10 to 15 minutes, and finally put it in a cup to enjoy.

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Important FAQs

Can dried fruits and milk be eaten together?

Yes, the main components of milk are water, calcium substances, and 20 kinds of amino acids. These substances will not cause adverse reactions with dried fruits, so let’s put them down and eat them.

Can peanuts and milk be eaten together?

Yes, there is no conflict between peanuts and milk. Peanuts contain vitamin E and a certain amount of zinc, which can enhance memory, resist aging, delay the decline of brain function, and moisturize the skin.

Milk should not be eaten with foods containing tannic acid, such as strong tea, persimmons, etc.

Can yogurt and nuts be eaten together?

Yes, yogurt and nuts can eat together, the two were no food grams.

I have seen that it is rich in nutrients such as protein, oil, minerals, etc., which can supplement nutrition and prevent diseases.

Peel the nuts (walnuts, almonds, pecans, etc.), mash them and sprinkle them on the prepared fresh yogurt evenly. The nut has a strong aroma and rich protein and other nutrients, which is very suitable Nutritional needs of pregnant women and children.



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